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Reach Customers In Their Pocket.
Drive Dollars Through The Door.
Did you know?
98% of mobile messages are opened
83% are opened within 3 minutes*

Increase revenue and customer loyalty by reaching your customers directly on their 24/7 companion - their phone! OwnerListens Mobile Marketing provides a quick, easy way to send tailored marketing messages. Advertise deals, new products, special offers or just maintain good will.


1Customers sign up by sending a text to your custom SMS number or through the OwnerListens app.

2Write a brief marketing message through your Dashboard, and OwnerListens does the rest!

3Customers instantly receive your message on their phone, and show it to you or your staff to redeem.

Mobile Marketing is an add-on to the OwnerListens Dashboard

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*Techipedia Study, 2012