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A partnership with OwnerListens will help you retain clients, expand your offerings and increase your revenue.

An OwnerListens partnership is perfect for digital media agencies, reputation management firms, SEO and AdWords providers, software vendors and business consultants.

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Benefits for You

Expand your product offering

Mobile customer engagement tools make sure your offering encompass all the needs of the modern business. You don’t need to build it all yourself. OwnerListens takes care of the technology so you can focus on your clients.

Increase client retention

By their nature, real time customer feedback solutions offer inherent stickiness, thus reducing client churn. You can even co-brand OwnerListens with your offerings to cement your relationship with your existing clients.

Enjoy upsell opportunities

Offering OwnerListens’ premium products increases your average monthly revenue per client. Build enhanced versions of your offerings on top of the OwnerListens platform, like: active reputation management, mobile offers coordination and customer service training.

Extend client longevity

OwnerListens increases survival rates of your clients by addressing the three main factors critical to their survival: protecting online reputation, increasing new customer retention and driving existing customer loyalty.

Benefits for Your Clients

  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Successful customer recovery
  • More positive content to post on website and social media
  • Improved employee performance
  • Additional revenue through mobile marketing
  • Better brand perception
  • Analytics to improve business performance

Preferred Developers

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